Joining the Dark Side

Hello everyone! My name’s Clarissa and I’m an English major. I’m happy to say I’m a Senior and am looking forward to taking this journey with all of you this semester. I love to write, read, and stare at my bookshelf. Just kidding, I’m not all that boring (though I am serious when I say I love doing those things)! While I’m not in my own world, I’m definitely out there in ours. I enjoy rediscovering New York City and trying out new food spots with friends. And if the college student budget allows, I’ll be on a plane heading somewhere awesome.

Honestly, I never thought of stepping into the realm of gothic novels. I’m more of the contemporary novel type of person, specifically Young Adult. I know, I know. What a total chick. I have the heart of a 15-year-old and can’t seem to escape it. Not to worry, contemporary YA is not all I read, I’ve read my share of biographies, non-fiction, not so romantic novels and enjoyed them too! But there’s just something about these YA authors that draw me in. So, in taking this class I wanted to branch out. Although novels like Twilight or the Immortal Instruments touch upon the gothic component, I want to see more. I want to dig deeper, get darker.

I’ve taken Dr. Travis’ American Women Writer’s course (click here to view that pretty blog 😉 ) last semester and fell in love with her approach to teaching. So it’s safe to say that she is a major factor to why I am taking this class. Blogging is seriously the best outlet I have in expressing myself. Before it became a “thing” I was already trying to jump on it and discover the voice I have and my love for writing. It reaches a larger circle of people who enjoy writing and talking about life, just like me. So reading gothic novels and documenting my progress by blogging seem to make a perfect fit.

In five years I hope to see myself on a book tour. But of course the novel must come first! It’s a dream of mine to be a published novelist. And because I read so many books, I do see that there’s another story to be told. I want to try to be the one to tell it. I might be broke because let’s be honest, writers don’t make a whole lot of money. However, money isn’t the only reason why we do this. I don’t want to be stuck at a job that I absolutely hate, follow orders from someone I’d grow to envy, or take life just as it passes by. If I’m not writing, I at least want to be in the mix of the publication industry. Give me something to edit, review, whatever! I’m all for it. If none of this works out, I’ll be back in school teaching or at least getting a degree in it. I have a passion for the arts and what better way to live than share that with the future of tomorrow? In five years, I’ll be just as happy. I’ll be working hard and growing. Who knows, maybe my novel will be gothic!

So here’s to a good semester. May we slay the vamps and capture that shiny A at the end of the dark tunnel.


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