Long Live Cthulhu?

The turning point for me in H.P Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu was the encounter with the cult. The reason why I chose this image was to show how the idea of the cult was even scarier than Cthulhu itself. Through them, the story lives on. They worship this scary figure and praise it for its destruction. We talk about how Lovecraft uses history to sort of frighten us and I can’t help but think of the “afterlife” of Cthulhu through its cult. Sure, they were captured and slain, but who knows! The idea may live on forever. Legends don’t die easily, which is why we still talk about them today.

Also, the image shows how big Cthulhu was thought to be. I want to say that this is not just to do the character justice, but to really emphasize on how the cult viewed Cthulhu. It was such a powerful being and the size of it should be just as intimidating. It reflects strength, darkness, and fear, just as I saw Cthulhu to be.

I found this Pinterest Board that is dedicated to monsters like Cthulhu and thought that it had so many great images that reflect Lovecraft’s story. I must warn you, some of the images are pretty intense. Well, what can I say? This story itself was intense!


4 thoughts on “Long Live Cthulhu?

  1. Hey Clarissa,

    So I have to say that pinterest board was the most interesting, disturbing, addicting thing I have seen! When seeing something unsettling like that I can’t help but keep on looking simply out of curiosity but also because it’s so fascinating seeing this different interpretations of him. I liked how you put the focus on the cult especially since they were such a huge part of the story. While Cthulhu himself is frightening, I can definitely see the troubles that could arise from the cult especially since they are the ones keeping his name alive. I think that this image you found was perfect seeing as though the focus is less on him and more on the sacrifice being made to him, showing us that perhaps the real thing we should worry about is the followers rather than Cthulhu.

    – Ash


  2. Hi, Clarissa

    The first time I look at this image and the old question of mine come to me: why do these people wear hoods during the cult. Are they scared to see the victims or the thing they worship? I can see the fear not only from the victim that would be sacrificed, but also the frightened face these zealots got under the hood. And Cthulhu is really huge in this image comparing to the tiny humans on the beach with dead sea birds.


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