HI, hows it going?! Hope everything’s bright on your end of the world, because mine is pretty sunny! 🙂 Wait, I should be a little less cheerful since this blog is all about me going goth. Allow me to reset the tone. Take two: ‘Sup? Hope you’re alright… or whatever. *shrugs.

The name’s Clarissa. And let’s just say I’m not used to being on the darker side of the rainbow. I believe in love, enjoy feel-good music, and toasted marshmallows. I am the total opposite of goth, actually. So let’s clear some air.

This blog is dedicated to the work I will be doing for an English course called: True Blood: American Literature and The Gothic. I know, it sounds so cool. As much as gothic novels are out of my comfort zone, I’m pretty excited to discover what they are all about. I’ve never watched True Blood, but I’ve seen Twilight… and that’s pretty goth right? Anyways, I hope you hop on the back of a flying bat (ooh, say that ten times over really fast) and soar on this flight with me. Let’s go explore the dark world and read some spooky things that might keep me up at night.


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